Me My Self and Meditation

I feel few things are important in this world; one of the more significant ones being finding one’s self. Our self, according to my meditation instructor, has been lost to us ages ago because our connection with our true self has been overridden by the lusts of the flesh. Her belief is that the self is naturally peaceful, loving, gracious, synonym, synonym. I’m still not sure how much I buy into her ideas of spirituality but I’m inclined to keep an open mind.

Either way, now that I’ve started meditation classes, I’ve found myself becoming more peaceful in general by paying attention to what affects my mood. When feeling my humor ebb, I take a conscious deep breath and try to focus on peaceful things… it usually works.

Our generation is very obviously becoming more and more unaware of their mood triggers and, as such, are dissociating themselves from their selves. As an old soul, (see: granny) I blame technology. It is a constant distraction and we neglect ourselves to facilitate addictions to our devices. Our reflexive disregard leads to a suspension in our character development because it is easier to be cheaply entertained than to be.

Of course, I’m as guilty as the next guy since university has taught me that cheap entertainment is the way to go. Still, self exploration is important to me, so I’m willing to sacrifice the cheap thrills for something more valuable.


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