Intellectual Lethargy

Yes it is a problem.

The Caribbean Examination Council does not encourage learning: it simply demands preparation for exams. As a result, our students forget everything once they’ve handed in their last exam paper. The skills they’d learnt are easily forgotten because they were cheaply reinforced to support overly demanding syllabi. The education system fails because it is perpetuating, through rewarding, thoughtless creatures who are solely driven by gratification by grade and not the desire for knowledge.

The school system makes students feel like their thoughts and ideas are not substantial enough and must be supported by someone more academically accredited. The truth is that their thoughts would have merit once they use reason but they don’t know how to…

I’m only a few years older than my teenage students, but I feel the gap. They’re losing their ability to reason because the faculty is not being exercised. Is no one noticing this?


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