I encourage my students to reason for themselves. I don’t, however, tell them what way they should change their (too impressionable) minds to because that would be hypocritical. Instead, I ask them to ask themselves why they think the way they do.

More easily than before, I believe that because of the constant impressive influences my generation is exposed to, it discourages mental activity. Because why think when someone else had already done it for you and their opinions have been accredited by the incredible internet?

I asked my students to write a critical essay on Bob Marley’s Redemption Song because being from the Caribbean, I believed that they could benefit from Marley’s views, once they sat down and reasoned with him and themselves. They all wrote the same thing from the same internet site.

Our generation regurgitates rather than reasons. They do not question the values they have been socialized to hold. In fact, they don’t question anything, so anything the incredible internet says is chiseled into their mind as irrefutable fact.


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